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Desktop/vertical laboratory automatic glassware washer

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: NANBEI
Model Number: NB538/NB548
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Delivery Time: 7-10days
Detail Information
Inlet Water Temperature: Up To 65°C Static Water Pressure: Max Pressure 1000 KPa
Distribution Pump: 2 Peristaltic Pumps Heating System: 380V 9KW
Shell Material: SUS304 Inner Material: SUS316
Structure: Front Pull-down Door Filtration System: Four-stage Filtration System

Product Description

Introduction to glassware washer
Double-layer container load;two water sources, tap water and pure water; able to meet the requirements of the post-processing of small batch containers in the laboratory. It is an ideal choice for laboratory customers with limited budget and limited space for vessel processing.
7-inch color display and glass touch screen are easy to operate. Equipped with a sturdy drop-down glass window door, the cleaning room can be observed during operation, with a built-in hot air drying device. This cleaning machine is specially designed for laboratories (such as R&D and quality inspection laboratories in universities, research institutions, testing institutions, laboratories and enterprises).
Items to be cleaned:

Reprocessing vessel Application scope

Containers: such as beakers, flasks, cylinders and test tubes
Measuring instruments: such as measuring cylinders, measuring bottles and pipettes
Petri dishes: such as petri dishes and watch dishes
Plates: such as slides and sequencing plates
Small items: such as lids, magnetic stir bars, spatulas and stoppers
Other items; such as boxes, plastic flasks and containers, metal parts, pipes and hoses, and funnels.

Universities, research institutes and laboratories, medical institutions, third-party testing agency laboratorynterprise R&D and quality inspection laboratory
Including organic, inorganic or physical chemistry, biology, microbiology, medical, pharmaceutical, food or cosmetics applications

Working conditions:
1. Working voltage: 110/220/230/380V, 50/60Hz
2. Cold water source: in line with urban tap water standards, water pressure 1.0-5.0kg/cm2, and water temperature 5-40°C
3. Pure water source: meet the level III/I water standard of the analytical laboratory water specification GB6682-2008
Control system:
△1.*1. The self-developed single-chip control system is adopted, which is more stable, with a large LCD touch screen, 20 standard cleaning procedures, and customers can set 20 custom cleaning procedures according to their needs;
△2. Interlocking device: The electronic door lock is imported from the United States for opening and closing the door to ensure safe operation. It can be opened by three methods: button, program and manual.
3. Operation authority: operator, administrator, system engineer; each level has corresponding settable authority for setting and modifying system parameters.
4. Alarm device: The control system should give an alarm for the abnormality and deviation of the equipment, and can realize automatic sound alarm, display the alarm information on the display screen and automatically print the record, and the alarm information can be displayed on the operation interface.
Online Monitoring:
1. Interlocking device: to ensure that the door lock cannot be opened when the equipment is running, so as to avoid hot water burns
2. Water inlet monitoring: to ensure normal water demand during equipment cleaning
3. Dual temperature monitoring: accurately control the temperature according to the cleaning temperature map
4. Overheating protection: When the circulating pump is overheated, the equipment will automatically shut down to prevent damage to the machine.
5. Cleaning agent monitoring: to ensure that there are enough chemical reagents in the cleaning process
Circulating system:
The maximum circulation capacity of the circulating pump can be automatically adjusted to 0-400L/min. It is equipped with soft-start and anti-overload sensors to protect the pump from starting gently and prolong its service life.
Equipment structure:
1. Loading door: front loading and equipped with a drop-down door.
△2 Equipment structure: the inner cavity is made of 316L mirror stainless steel, the inner surface has no welding points, the cleaning chamber surface is polished to a surface roughness of <0.51μm Ra. Cleaning/rinsing solution pipeline, the inner surface is polished to a surface roughness of <0.51μm, and the outer surface is Ra ≤0.9μm. The pipeline welding process complies with the GTAW (Automatic Track Welding) standard. With a see-through window, it is convenient to observe the internal cleaning of the equipment.
△3. Material: 304 grade stainless steel shell, 316L grade mirror stainless steel inner tank, with super anti-corrosion function.
4. Water inlet method: the basket frame is used for coupling and docking from the back of the inner cavity, which can better distribute the cleaning liquid and rationally use the inner cavity space.
5. Sprinkler system: standard upper, middle and lower rotating spray arms, fan-shaped nozzles and asymmetric design are adopted to ensure a wider cleaning coverage.
6. Loading baskets: the upper and lower baskets can be used alone, and practical baskets can be customized for customers.
△7. Equipment size: L 602*650*860mm; (user space is limited)
△8. The inner cavity is equipped with a lighting device, which can observe the internal cleaning status at any time;
△9, 1m away from the equipment, the operating noise of the equipment is less than 65db;
△IoT system:
The washing machine has its own GPS positioning system, real-time perception of the operating status of the equipment, and transmission of equipment operating data to the cloud through the Internet protocol for big data aggregation and analysis. If the equipment fails, the fault information will be automatically sent to the relevant after-sales personnel. This can avoid unnecessary repairs and reduce standby time. (Optional)
Product selection specifications:
1. Desktop glassware washer

Basic parameters Function parameters
Model NB538 Control System PLC control
Dimensions 900/650/860 Display screen 7 inch LCD screen
Inner volume ≥180L Inlet water temperature Up to 65°C
Number of cleaning layers 2 layers (petri dishes 3 layers) Static water pressure Max pressure 1000 kPa
Shell material SUS304 Distribution pump 2 peristaltic pumps
Inner material SUS316 Condensing device 1 piece
Structure Front pull-down door Heating system 220V 4KW/380V 6KW
Filtration system Four-stage filtration system Circulating system 400L/min

2. Vertical glassware washer
This type of washing machine and the model designed according to ergonomics, due to the optimized design of the height of the movable door, can avoid the operator's back strain. Although it occupies a small area, it has a large internal cavity. This type of equipment comes standard with three-layer baskets. If you clean small utensils, you can use three-layer cleaning. If you clean large utensils, you can choose two-layer or one-layer washing, which is flexible in use, with standard HEAP filter drying system.

Basic parameters Function parameters
Model NB548 Control System Siemens PLC control
Dimensions 672/660/1835 Display screen 10 inch LCD display
Inner volume ≥220L Inlet water temperature Up to 65°C
Number of cleaning layers 3 layers (petri dishes 4 layers) Static water pressure Max pressure 1000 kPa
Shell material SUS304 Distribution pump 2 peristaltic pumps
Inner material SUS316 Condensing device 1 piece
Structure Front pull-down door Heating system 380V 9KW
Filtration system Four-stage filtration system Circulating system 500L/min

Order list

Name Model Description
Micro glassware washer (with drying) NB538/NB548 Heating power: 4KW6KW/9KW
Alkaline cleaning agent XZY-150 6L/barrel
Neutralizer XZY-240 5L/barrel
Lid opener K122 plastic
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